for our healthcare community

Earlier this week, we were able to donate over 1000 pairs of shoes to the front line healthcare professionals in the fight against COVID19. We were blown away by the communities to support those in need.

While looking for new ways to support the COVID19 fight whilst balancing the needs of our Vessi family, your suggestions on how we can support led to a resounding response.

Mask Donations

Today, we’ve committed to the initial purchase of 30,000 medical masks that will be donated to Canadian and US organizations most in need. 

Along with this initial donation, the profits from every sale of Vessis will go to purchasing additional PPE to donate on your behalf. 

How you can give back

 We’ve launched a Choose What you Pay initiative of up to 40% off. Depending on your selection, the proceeds will contribute to the additional purchases of medical masks.

*Sales purchased with discount codes are valid for exchanges only.

40% OFF

It's been a tough few weeks and we won't hold that against you. You can get a pair of Vessis at 40% off - the biggest discount we can offer to hopefully brighten up your day.


30% off + 80 mask donation

If you have a bit more to give at this time, you can get your Vessis  at 30% off + help us purchase 80 medical masks to donate to our healthcare communities. 


Donate 110 Masks

Thank you for your generosity. You can purchase your Vessis at full price and help us donate 110 medical masks to healthcare communities in need. 



How do you decide which organizations have the most need for masks?

We're turning to the experts for this and discussing it with the proper healthcare distribution authorities and governing bodies. We want to make sure we are following their instructions, and will donate to wherever they see fit.

What types of masks are you donating?

We've chosen to donate FDA approved 3 ply surgical masks. This type of protective equipment is something that has been much requested by healthcare governing bodies. The shortage is pretty vast, and so we wanted to make sure we could find a way to make the biggest impact possible.

Are you marking up the costs of the masks?

Not at all! We're keeping everything at the exact price we will be buying them at, and are using the funds you'll help us collect to purchase as many units as we possibly can.